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We are a design collective specialising in digital sports experiences

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Exceptional design is grounded in solid process. Our strategists, researchers, UX and visual designers work seamlessly with you to make perfect products.

Ideation, validation, refining and testing. And all of these expertise are available right from off The Bench©

Our experts slot seamlessly into your team. If you need a specific resource to bolster your ranks, we have a variety of levels of seniority in all roles. All consultants are not only incredibly skilled, they're all also trained in taking a project by the scruff of its neck and introducing processes to get you back on course

Don't need a full time employee or struggling to find skilled contractors without huge recruitment fees? Our Design Bench gives you access to these people with no risk to your business. You let us know what skillset you need, we handle the recruitment. You interview and select your candidate. We hand the contract.

It couldn't be more simple.

A project without a plan generally doesn't end well. We can help define the goals of a product, draw up a roadmap and select KPIs of success.

With this info to hand, you can better price up development costs, plan your resources and just generally give yourself more chance of success.

Research has a bad name. But it doesn't have to be expensive or a drain on time spent doing the more fun things.

Our researchers advise on frequency, type and approach to validating ideas and designs from day 1 to the last day of the project.

Ensuring user needs are at the forefront of all design thinking is key. User Experience (UX design) means that every product we build is based on objective, unbiassed thought and maintains best practises for both usability and accessibility.

The most exciting part of the puzzle, and the most difficult. Finding truly exceptional visual (UI) designers is hard in any business. Luckily, we have found a lot over the years!

And just to prove it, we'll be happy to share their portfolios should you like to see them!

The cherry on top. While the developers are finishing up with the build, we'll do your keyword research, define your page titles make sure that everything from your H1 to your alt text is present and correct.

After all, what's the point of having a fantastic product if no one can find it?

About Us

We're a collection of designers dedicated to making things easier and better.

All the bureaucracy that stops you getting things done? We don't have that here.

All the people that coast their way through the day? We don't have those either. All of that is by design. Ask to find out how we engineer the perfect work environment.



We've been described as 'a breath of fresh air' by a client before. There are lots of design agencies and collectives out there, but we don't think there are any that are as flexible and easy going as we are.

Unlike an agency, we don't have rigid structure and job titles. So what? So, it means we can find our people based on their skills, not how many years they've been working. And we don't have to wait for a slot to become available before recruiting your perfect partner.

It's a result of YEARS of iteration. And it's pretty smooth now. From ideation sessions that don't take an entire day, to improved ceremonies that make AGILE delivery with stakeholders, developers and QA a breeze.

Every client will require a few tweaks, but we honestly think we have the smoothest building blocks of anyone.

As with any answer online to this question, prices vary on the project. So get in touch.

However, we do have set day rate costs associated for different skill sets and levels of experience, so we can get estimations for our consultants or our Design Bench pretty quickly. It's not as daunting as it sounds to get a quote.